Wifi is safe
Is your wifi connection safe

This is an age-old question which has scared people for years. Let’s look at the difference between low and high-powered equipment. High-powered transmitters (TV towers etc) that put out thousands of watts of energy, can cause burns and are possibly carcinogenic to humans if you get close to them (within a few meters) but these are normally located up on hills far away from cities and people. Wifi from your broadband routers or dish is a completely different story as the power levels are so low (milliwatts) they have no more affect to you that that of cordless or mobile phone. In fact, a mobile phone transmits substantially more power that your router and is much closer to your head and these have been deemed as safe. The broadband dish on the roof of your property is also low powered and very directional, transmitting its data directly to the tower (not downwards into the house). There are radio waves transmitting from all corners of the earth including Satellite’s beaming there signal downwards towards you so you can’t hide from them. All high-powered equipment is licenced and fully tested for safety before being approved for use and must be installed by approved installers. Going back to the question: Is wi-fi dangerous? My answer would be no, or at least no more dangerous than any other lowed powered transmission equipment.

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