Here’s a summary of the payment methods and associated details:

Monthly Data Payments:

Encouraged to be made through automatic payment (bank transfer) on the 1st of each month.
A tax invoice will be sent by email on the same day.

Online Payment:

You can pay online with your credit or debit card once the invoice arrives.

Installation Payments:

Installations invoices should be paid within 7 days of your installation.
Online banking using the provided account number is the preferred method for installation payments. See bank account details below.

Top-Up Data Purchases:

Top-up data can be purchased using your debit or credit card.

Note: If paying by credit/debit card, a small surcharge of 3.4 percent will be applied to the transaction.

Please ensure that you follow the preferred payment methods and take note of any applicable surcharges. If you have any specific questions about payments or need further assistance, feel free to contact Rural Wireless using the provided contact information.

Our bank account number for payment is:

Rural Wireless Limited