About us

Rural Wireless – A local company for local people

Hi, I’m Peter, Managing Director of Rural Wireless Limited. I built a home in the Manawata a few years ago and was frustrated and bewildered by the lack of broadband coverage in not only my region but thought-out the rural communities of the central to lower North Island. After looking at the alternatives I decided to setup a small local network with only a handful of customers. The word spread fast and before I knew it we were getting requests for service from all over the region. On our second year of operation we installed a wireless network at Wharite peak covering both the Manawatua and Tararua regions. We acquired our competitor in late 2014 extending our coverage to the Horowhenua giving us a greater reach to our rural communities.

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In 2018 we embraced a new faster more innovative technologies providing much faster speeds. Our Air Fibre network has now been released to a much larger area providing customers with speeds similar to that of fibre in the cities.

We have also taken on board RBI mobile broadband for customers outside our Air Fibre network to provide a greater reach nationwide. We can provide fixed and unlimited wireless plans for homes with reasonable mobile coverage.

We now provide Unlimited ADSL / VDSL, Fibre and RBI wireless broadband throughout the entire county.