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Local Rural Wireless broadband, professionally installed in only 7 days

What makes Rural Wireless better?

Wireless Installation

Installation includes broadband dish, mounting hardware and router on a 12 month term.

Get connected in 7 days

Most wireless connections can be installed within 7 working days. Don’t wait weeks or months. Sign up with Rural Wireless now and get connected. more…

Money Back Guarantee

If we can’t get you online then we won’t charge you a cent. That’s our no service – no cost guarantee. more…

Personal Customer Access

You will get protected access to your own account to check on usage, pay your account, top up data, latest news and much more by using our secure app. services. more…

How Wireless Works

We simply install a small broadband dish on your home or business and beam in broadband directly from our dedicated broadband towers. more…

Powerful Wifi Routers

Do you need extra coverage for your large home? We have a number of long range solutions to cover your entire property. more…

Ultra-Fast Wireless

The fastest residential wireless broadband service available in our region with massive symmetrical speeds up to 50 Mbps. more…

Rural Business Broadband

We have commercial grade connections available for any size business from Wireless to Fibre. Contact us now for a free site assessment. more…

Wired & Fibre Services

In some areas wireless broadband isn’t an option. We also provide the full range of unlimited wired services from ADSL to Fibre. more…