Phone services

What is a VoIP phone line and how does it work?

Voice over the internet also know as VoIP allows you to use your phone over the internet at a fraction of the cost. Your internet connection brings in the data as a digital signal where you can connect either an IP (digital) phone or an analogy converter know as an ATA box which connects directly to your existing phones. Our phone lines are only $15 per month.

Local and National toll calling areas

Coverage and calling rates.

Voice over internet protocol commonly known as VoIP allow you to use your phone through your internet connection at discounted costs. In simple terms you can plug your current phone into an ATA box which connects directly to your Rural Wireless broadband connection without the need for a physical phone line.

Regional coverage areas

Palmerston North (PM) Includes, Apiti, Ashhurst Bunnythorpe, Cheltenham, Colyton, Feilding, Sanson, Glen Oroua, Halcombe, Himatangi, Kairanga, Kimbolton, Linton, Opiki. Pohangina, Rangiotu, Rangiwahia, Rongotea, Sanson, Tokomaru, and Waituna West.

National rates
Local calls Free
National landline calls 10 cents
Mobile calls 15 cents

Unlimited landline to landline calls are $20.00 per month plus our $15.00 local landline charge.

International rates here

(excludes 0900 numbers)

Directory service $1.10

All rates are inclusive of G.S.T.