It’s often been said ‘why do I need security, my internet provider should be looking after this’.

To a certain extent security is provided through the wireless network by us as your provider from the network back-haul directly to your incoming broadband connection at your property. We use multiple layers of security to protect the link from our network towers directly to your premises. The weak link is your wireless router which is why we can’t emphasis enough that you protect your connection with a secure password. Don’t use simple easy to crack passwords like 1234, your name or anything that can earlier be guessed.

Don’t be fooled into believing that your wifi connection will only work in your house as there are people out there that sit in cars with powerful wifi receivers and external aerials that pick up your signal from great distances.

These people once connected to your account can download all sorts of undesirable material that potentially could land you as the customer in to hot water. They will just walk away leaving you to hold the bag so to speak.

For more information on how to better protect your connection, please contact us for free advice.