Is your broadband provider cutting the mustard?

There are a lot of broadband providers out there blasting their adverts on Radio and Television telling you to buy from them and they’ll give you free this or free that when really all you are really after is broadband. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you really want and what service do you expect from your new service provider? Most of the larger providers just want to make a sale and once they have you as a customer then after sales support doesn’t really matter.
  • If something goes wrong you may end up speaking to someone in the Philippines where English is there second or third language and trying to get a simple problem resolved is not so simple anymore.
  • Have you ever been put on hold for extended lengths of time with pop up messages saying ‘your call is important to us, please hold the line’ and you just sit and wait for what seems like an eternity and when you do actually get connected the help is less than helpful.

We’ve all be frustrated by the lack of customer support from large service providers and some of us have just accepted it as normal but it shouldn’t be.

Rural Wireless is small enough to care and large enough to provide cutting edge technology with the customer service you deserve.

We specialise in high-speed Air Fibre wireless broadband for rural New Zealand with local support from knowledgeable technicians who understand your needs. We are not all about just making a sale, we go the extra distance to make sure you are 100% happy. Check out our customer testimonials