What service is right for me

Choosing the best broadband service for your home or business can be a little confusing. We have listed all the options below to make your choice a little easier. If you are unsure on what service is right for you, please contact our friendly technical support team who will advise on the best option to meet your needs.

Our Regional Wireless Broadband plans are available in the Manawatu, Tararua and Horowhenua regions over our dedicated private high-speed Air Fibre wireless network. Our regional network can provide data speeds up to 100 Mbps.

The National RBI Broadband cellular network provides coverage to those hard to reach marginal areas of the country with fixed and unlimited data plans. Speeds on this network can vary depending on signal quality and network capacity.

The wired service network is made up of ADSL / VDSL and Fibre and are connected through the cabled network. ADSL and VDSL are mainly limited by distance from the local exchange or roadside cabinet whereas Fibre connections are limited to larger populated areas.

Rural Wireless is all about choosing the best service to meet your needs. We’ll listen carefully to what you want then research all the options for you and advise on the service that best suits your home or business. At Rural Wireless we’re all about customer service and want you to be 100% happy.