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Bye Bye Spark!!! After many years of researching many and varied ISP options, we have finally found one that offers a great service at a far more competitive price with more data at faster speeds to boot... Why wouldn't we change? I have resisted for many years in the hope or expectation that Spark would come to the party and recognise a loyal and relatively high spending country customer...silly me! Our bills of around $300 per month (which included an 8GB cell phone based internet option, landline plus 2 cell phones are now tracking at around $150. Most recent discussions with Spark included an admission that 'they are only interested in the size of the prize' and my deduction was that this didn't include me in rural NZ.

Simon and Louise Walker - Rural Tararua

Personal service

You guys really do have the best customer service of any telecommunication company in the world! !! Please don't ever change! Thanks

Shannon Shattock

Rock on Rural Wireless

I have been with this company for several years and am so grateful for the wonderful service they provide. I am a difficult customer… mac based and with a very limited technical knowledge. Peter is always there to answer the phone and patiently answer my sometimes silly questions.No matter what time of the day or night I have called there has always been a speedy response from a real human being. Even if the problem couldn’t be resolved quickly updates were provided, a rare thing. Rock on Rural Wireless… You are great! Sally Rogers.

Rural Wireless is Fantastic

The service we received from Peter was second to none. We had been battling with Chorus since moving to our new home 10 months ago to try and get an acceptable broadband connection. Fibre optic cable runs 800m from our house to an exchange another 4km away. Our house however is hooked up to an exchange 10km away in Pahiatua. Try as we might they would not allow us to hook into the closest exchange and as a result we were paying for broadband with a connection that regularly dropped out and peaked at a speed of 300kbps. We rang Telecom to see if they could do anything and they advised we were not part of their Rural Broadband Initiative area but were in Vodafone's Rural Wireless Area. After calling Vodafone they advised the service is not yet available and to try again sometime in the next 1-5 years!! A friend from work gave me the link to the Rural Wireless website and advised to give them a try. We gave Peter a call, he arrived with his test aerial, verified we could get a connection, answered all the questions we had and so we signed up. He had brought with him most of the gear we needed to get up and running so I could start the install process immediately myself. Within a few days the extra cabling I needed (that Peter ordered for us) arrived and I completed the self install. Plugged the wireless Ariel into our Router and without issue we now have a reliable 4000kbps connection for similar money we were paying our previous provider for 300Kbps! I cannot recommend the Rural Wireless Service Highly enough, so thanks Peter for getting us back online.

Ross McIntyre and Andrea Moore

Rural Wireless to be extremely reliable

We have found Rural wireless to be extremely reliable and Peter is always willing to go above and beyond in helping out, even when asked silly questions by the computer illiterate. We thoroughly recommend Rural wireless to anybody looking for a good internet service.

Shane Edwards - Mt Stewart.

What a Dream

Just wanted to send you an email and thank you for the great service you have given us this week. I have been really impressed by how quickly and the amount of time and effort you have taken to get us up and running. We are now all going and the internet speed is going great – no lag – what a dream!

Rebecca S - Green Road

High Speed Broadband

Rural Wireless have enabled us to access high speed broadband cost-effectively. We couldn't be more thrilled with the service compared with the expensive and unreliable satellite broadband we had before. Peter set us up so we had minimum stress in moving to a new system. Thank you for your patience, courtesy and help - very much appreciated.

Carl and Louise Knight - Crofton

Slow broadband speeds through Spark

We were suffering painfully slow broadband speeds through Spark via copper wire, because we're basically too far away from the "switches". Spark don't tell you that. Also internet service dropped out in bad weather! Peter from Rural Wireless was great. We actually couldn't get a signal with the aerial near the house, but he spent ages finding a wireless signal. His support is excellent. We haven't had any problems, the speed is much faster but he actually makes courtesy calls to check our satisfaction. Alan S aka Alpacino

I would recommend Rural Wireless

Returning to my rural home in NZ after 5 years in Europe, good internet was a must. I choose Rural Wireless from the list of providers believing that a smaller Company with “skin in the game”, would provide a better service than a multi-national. In this I have not been disappointed. Rural Wireless have always been very obliging and prompt in their delivery of good, reliable internet connection. Peter is always available for a chat and to address any concerns promptly that one may have. I would recommend Rural Wireless and would be happy to discuss this recommendation with any prospective user. Contact me via Peter.

John W - Crofton

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