Parental Control and Website Blocker

Protect your family against cyber threats, porn, violence, drugs and more…

The bad effects of too much screen time every parent should know.

Your kid’s health is important. You do everything to make sure they are as healthy as possible. But when it comes to screen time, a lot of parents don’t realise the harmful effect this can have on their kids health. What are you doing to protect them?

You can now block distracting and disturbing sites but leave other sites unblocked, so your children can access all the info they need without the nasty stuff. Block torrents and other sites that allow for illegal downloads by simply blocking the offending categories.

Family Friendly Internet

Block adult content or pornographic, abusive, violent, or any inappropriate content you deemed unwanted from a list of 61 categories available. You may use ‘Blacklist’ to filter explicit content.

Safe browsing

Even if you choose not to use the blocking function, We’ll allows you to turn on Safe Search as a default which kids cannot turn off, filtering out objectionable material, while still allowing them to search the entire internet.

Special requirements

Are you a faith based home with specific values and want to limit your family to websites that fits your needs? You can not only block unsuitable categories but blacklist or white-list websites to meet your families’ requirements.

Parental concerns

Some of  biggest concerns for parents with kids online are the amount of time spent online and the uncensored, inappropriate content. We can filter this for you to give you piece of mind. You can also setup schedules to manage times when the internet can be blocked completely.

We will protect you and your family online.

Every family is different and so choosing what is right for you will depend on what your goals are for your family. There are many options available from ‘Safe search’ which blocks adult content but allows access to everything else, to a restriction on a number of categories or specific sites. You can also choose alternate schedules that will only allow selected sites during homework time. Some parents find it difficult getting their kids to switch off at bed time so scheduling downtime is a great way to manage late night screen time.

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