Unlimited NZ Rural Wireless Broadband

$199 /mo
  • Unlimited wireless broadband for only $199 per month over the National mobile network as fast as your connection will go.
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  • Rural Wireless can now provide unlimited wireless broadband to 97% of New Zealand for a fixed monthly price of $199.00. There are no data limits or overage charges.

  • Our unlimited plan connects through the RBI wireless network providing download speeds of up to 20 Mbps. Your speed will depend on your distance from the nearest tower and the quality of your broadband signal.

  • If you are an exsiting customer on an RBI network with another provider and have a Huawei B315 router then you may only need to swap out your SIM card to get our unlimited plan. Please contact us if you want to switch providers.
B315 RBI Wireless router

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