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Checking data usage

We often get asked – why is my broadband so slow and in most cases it’s because you have exceeded your monthly data limit. Follow these few simple steps to see how much data you have remaining. You will need your username and password credentials to access your account. You can contact us via email for your account information.

Go to our home page https://ruralwireless.nz and click on the ‘CUSTOMER ACCESS‘ link at the top right of the page then choose ‘CHECK MY DATA

Enter your user name and password then click Login

How to check my data

You can now view the remaining data in blue. If there is a negative in front of the number then you have exceeded your limit for the month and your speed will have reduced to dial up. You can purchase top-up data from here: Top-up-data

You can also click on the ‘Traffic report’ to get a further breakdown of data usage by Year and Month. Daily data usage can not always be calculated as this is measured in On/Off line times. For example your traffic report may say 23 hours and 51 minutes on one line then 1 day 6 hours and 42 minutes on the next line. This simply tells you the active connection time. Connection disconnect times may change regularly depending on your transmission tower loading, possible power outages, system updates etc.

Traffic report - data usage

We often get asked ‘where has all my data gone’. Due to privacy laws we are unable to provide this information. This can only be accessed by government agency during criminal investigations.
If you believe your data usage to be inacurate we suggest you follow the following steps:

1: Change your password on your wireless router. This will minimise the risk of electronic theft.
2: Check the history on each wireless device in the home e.g. Ipads, phones, laptops etc. We tend to find customer limits are regularly exceeded during school holidays.
3: Have you introduced a new device into the house, consider what is is being used for. Below is an example of devices that can use high amounts of data.

Online gaming
TV / Movie streaming
Skype with video
Video streaming
There are many ways of reducing data usage for example if you are watching Youtube videos you can simply change the quality rate down to 360p. Netflix or other online TV or movie channels is another large user of data. If possible choose a standard definition as this will reduce your data usage. In most cases the quality of the video will not be dramatically changed. Rule of thumb, the lower the rate – the less data used.

Change your video resolution

Need a little more help? Check out our FAQ page.