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Rural Wireless plans

How long range wireless broadband works

Wireless broadband is much like hard wired broadband but with out the cable restrictions. High speed data is transmitted from our server to a number of trasmission sites throughout the region using wireless links to our customer towers which is then sent directly to you via your broadband aerial. It then makes its way into your house either though a network cable or wireless router which is them retransmitted around your house on a local wifi connection.

What to expect from my wireless router

Advertised connection speeds are a maximum, taken using an Ethernet connection directly to the aerial. Wifi access points vary greatly in performance. We recommend the Ubiquiti AirGateway Pro, which has shown that under ideal test conditions it can transmit at up to 90mbps over wifi with an incoming speed of 100mbps. Your results will vary due to the location of the access point, your house, how high it is mounted, the construction of your house, your distance from the access point and the device you are connecting with. We have witnesses variances in speed of over 50% between different devices located in the same area. The AirGateway Pro typically will maintain a good connection at up to 20m away from the access point. We would recommend using wifi repeaters for larger houses or those with dense construction materials. For particularly challenging installations Rural Wireless can advise on the use of Ubiquiti UniFi access points and design and install a system that will suit larger homes or businesses with multiple clients.

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