Desktop help

The Rural Wireless customer portal provides you private access to your account containing information on your services and its statistic, and financial aspects of provided services. You can also check your profile, latest news and updates, important documents including financial documents such as contracts and all messages received or tickets submitted for support in the customer portal.

  • Enter your login credentials below. (Use the same login/password as you have used before)
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The navigation pane in the customer portal can display the following Modules:

  • Dashboard– displays general information about your current balance, unpaid invoices, new messages, new tickets and live bandwidth usage.
  • Statistics
  • Services– displays all your services such as Internet, Voice or Custom services.
  • Finance– displays financial information such as your Transactions, Invoices and Payments. You can view or download invoices and payments by clicking on the View iconor the Download iconin the Operations column of the relevant table.
  • Messages– displays all messages that have been sent to you via the Customer portal. By clicking on the View icon in the Actions column, you can read the message.
  • News– displays latest news and updates for the customer.
  • Tickets– displays all tickets submitted by and for you, for technical support. By clicking on the View icon in the Actions column, you can read the ticket.

You can also create and submit a new ticket by clicking on the Create ticket icon at the top-right corner of the page. The “Create ticket” window will appear, where you can type the Subject of the ticket, choose a Priority, and type a message for their query, as well as upload any files if necessary.

  • Documents– contains any documents which can be important, such as contracts or agreements, manually created Invoices, technical photos etc. You can view and download these documents from here by clicking on the Download icon in the Actions column of the table.
  • Profile– displays the main contact and access information. If fields are marked in white, you can change information provided in those fields, if they are dimmed, customers can only view that information.
  • About– Rural Wireless contact information
  • Logout– Logout from the customer portal