Nokia WIFI Beacon 2

Not Just a Wi-Fi Mesh Router, It’s a Wi-Fi 6 System

The Nokia Wifi Beacon 2 long range mesh system provides excellent coverage for your home or business using not only the standard formats but also the latest Wi-Fi 6 for greater coverage and speed.

You can purchase a single base unit or for greater coverage an additional one or two extenders. The system is dual-band giving more options for a greater number of devices.

The system comes with an app for easy setup and management.

The Nokia system is modular so you can purchase just the base unit with a approximate 20 – 30 metre coverage, the base unit with one extender for medium size homes or a full kit which includes the base unit and two extender for very large homes or businesses.
  • Base unit only $250.00
  • Base unit and one extender $500.00
  • Base unit and two extenders $750.00

Note: Wireless equipment will not perform well through steel or concreate walls. Please contact us if you are unsure on what you require.